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CACFP Application Tips: Get Your Application Approved


CACFP Food Program Application Tips


We understand completing the CACFP application can be a daunting and time-consuming process. Here are some helpful tips for completing your Child Care Food Program application correctly the first time. 

CACFP Application Tip #1: Carefully review your application for omissions.

Anything left blank or any required documents not submitted will result in the application being returned to you. This can significantly slow down the approval process.

CACFP Application Tip #2: Make sure all items are correct and consistent across the application. 

Anything that’s found to be wrong or inconsistent will also result in the application being returned. For example, your center’s legal name has to be the same on all parts of the application AND on all supporting documents. If the name on your license does not match other documents, you’ll have to get your license reissued so it’s identical. 

CACFP Application Tip #3: Check the numbers. 

Ensure your balance and income sheets are adequately detailed and tie out. They have to be 100 percent accurate and prove that your center is financially viable without food program subsidies.

CACFP Application Tip #4: Put it in ink. 

Complete any form not submitted online using a pen. Writing in pencil isn’t acceptable.

CACFP Application Tip #5: Make corrections quickly and accurately.

The faster you make revisions and return the application to the agency, the quicker your contract will get approved.

Let us assist with your CACFP paperwork. 

Need additional CACFP application help? Schedule a meeting with CACFP Solutions today, and we can help you through the CACFP application process. 

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