Six CACFP Food Program Tasks to Outsource

cacfp tasks
cacfp tasks


Overwhelmed by CACFP food program tasks and record keeping requirements? 

Are you spending too much time on food program administration tasks and too little with those in your care? Have you run out of time to grow and develop your center? Do you feel burned out? If any of these sound familiar, it could be time to get some assistance.

The most complex tasks faced by people in the child care industry is the record keeping, paperwork, and other responsibilities related to the Child and Adult Care Food Program.

Maintaining accurate attendance records, enrollment and eligibility forms, meal counts, receipts, bank statements and more can seem overwhelming.

The solution: Why not outsource some or all of your CACFP-related responsibilities?

Today, most businesses outsource some parts of their operations.

Doing so can reduce your workload, free you up from doing tedious tasks and allow you to concentrate on more important things. In most cases, outsourcing pays for itself quickly because experts bring fresh perspectives that help your center become more efficient. You can use the time you gain to expand your business and generate additional income. Or you can use it to enjoy your work and personal life more.

What CACFP tasks can you outsource? 


  1. Enrollment and income eligibility forms. Get the help you need to ensure forms are filled out on time and are always accurate, complete, and up-to-date.
  2. Meal production and attendance records. Get support recording things like foods used and participants served.
  3. Expense records. Turn over tedious bookkeeping tasks like maintaining food receipts, tracking employee time, and more.
  4. Filing CACFP claims. You could save hours each month by getting expert support preparing claims. Plus, you can rest assured knowing they’re filed correctly and that you’ll receive reimbursements on time, without delays because of errors.
  5. Preparing for audits. Partnering with experienced professionals can cut back on the time it takes to plan for CACFP audits while helping ensure compliance with rules and regulations.
  6. CACFP contract renewals. Hand over this cumbersome chore to people who know how to get it done quickly and correctly.

Does outsourcing your CACFP duties sound right to you? Schedule a call with one of our representatives to learn how CACFP Solutions can support your food program needs and help with CACFP record keeping requirements.

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