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Top CACFP Food Vendors for CN Label Products



Why do many child care centers use food vendors?

  1. Many child care centers use foodservice vendors because they help meet CACFP specifications by providing CN labels and cycle menus.
  2.  Additionally, food distribution vendors are ideal for larger centers because of the cost savings of buying in bulk. 
  3. Not to mention, many daycares choose food distribution services because of the time saved by having food delivered directly to the center.

Are you a childcare center looking for a food service vendor that provides CACFP-friendly foods? We’ve researched popular food vendors for CACFP eligible products. 

Popular Food Vendors for CN label products

1. Gordon Food Service

Gordon’s Food Service is available in the Southeast, Northeast, and Midwest. Gordon provides many CN label products. To learn more about what products they offer, fill out the sign-up form here. Provide accurate contact information and a description of your food-service needs and mention your need for CN label products. A Gordon representative will then reach out to you with more information.

2. Ben E. Keith 

Ben E. Keith is available across the Southeast and Midwest. Ben E. Keith offers the Zoo Crew Program for daycares, which includes CN label products and menus. To learn more about the food delivery service with Ben E. Keith, fill out the contact form here, and one of their representatives will reach out. 

3. Sysco

Sysco is available all across the US. Sysco Shape is a program created by Sysco to promote healthy recipes and provide kid’s menus and product info (including CN labels). To contact Sysco about their services, fill out this form and they will provide you with the next steps.

4. US Foods

US Foods is available across the US and provides CN label items. To learn more about US Foods, and how they can help your center, fill out the form here, and one of their sales representatives will reach out. 

Get quotes for products you use frequently 

Before you make your final decision, we’d recommend you talk to several vendors about their CN label products. Get quotes on items you use frequently, and after comparing prices and selection of CACFP eligible foods, make your final decision. 

What’s your favorite CACFP-friendly food vendor? 

What’s your favorite food distribution vendor for CN label foods? Leave your suggestion in the comments below! Need additional help with your CACFP program? Contact us today to find out how we can help!

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