Top Tips for Managing CACFP Receipts


Tips for Food Program Receipts

One of the most challenging parts of CACFP Food program participation is maintaining accurate records for program expenses. We’ve compiled a list of best practices for managing CACFP food program receipts to ensure your CACFP claims are approved. 

CACFP Receipt Tip #1:

Make sure receipts have all of the following elements:

  • Date
  • Store Name
  • Description/Price of items purchased
  • The total amount and tax
  • Payment method

If any of these are missing, your claim may not be processed. Also, receipt text should be clear and legible. Always print food program receipts from a computer rather than a cell phone to ensure that pages print correctly. Additionally, do not cross out any item descriptions/prices or handwrite a new total. 

CACFP Receipt Tip #2: 

Use an acceptable payment method for food program purchases.

Acceptable payment methods for the CACFP food program are:

  • Cash
  • Credit card/debit card
  • Check
  • Paypal

Unacceptable payment methods for the CACFP program are:

  • WIC/Snap
  • Gift card/shopping card
  • Cashback rewards

CACFP Receipt Tip #3:

 Only purchase CACFP allowable items. 

Importantly, unacceptable items should not be included with purchases for the CACFP. Instead, they should be charged separately on receipts that will not be used for CACFP expenses. 

A few examples of unacceptable items include:


  • Water/bottled water/sodas
  • Grain-based desserts (cake, cookies, vanilla wafers, etc)
  • Premium meat items (steak, shrimp, etc.)
  • All personal items
  • Bathroom cleaners/supplies (including toilet paper)
  • Most classroom and office supplies
  • Gas/fuel receipts
  • Repair bills
  • Holiday decorations/supplies

CACFP Receipt Tip #4:

Use a digital recordkeeping service.

Look for a food program/CACFP software app that has features to help you effectively manage receipts and keep track of your CACFP related finances.

CACFP Receipt Tip #5:

Utilize a CACFP claims processing service.

Utilize a CACFP claims processing service that evaluates your receipts to ensure only allowable costs are included and that all items are appropriately categorized. 

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