How To Become Your Own CACFP Sponsor

Tired of reporting to a CACFP sponsor? Prefer to keep your reimbursement? It could be time to become your own food program sponsor.


Is it time to become your own CACFP sponsor? 

  • Are you tired of reporting to your sponsor?
  • Maybe you’re sick of abiding by your sponsor’s rules and timelines.
  • Do you dislike working with a middleman?
  • Perhaps you’re not receiving the level of service and support you expect?
  • Are you not getting value for the cut of reimbursement paid to your sponsor?
  • Would you prefer to keep one hundred percent of your CACFP food program reimbursement?

If any of these issues seems familiar, it could be time for you to get your own contract with the CACFP program and become your own CACFP sponsor.

How to Become your own Food Program Sponsor

At CACFP Solutions, we guide you toward becoming a sponsor through our unique services. Our proven systems will reduce the time you spend on daily food program tasks and will help you maximize your CACFP reimbursement.  

Our CACFP application services help you apply for — and get — your CACFP contract, so you’re able to eliminate the middleman and work directly with the CACFP.

Our food program software subscription allows you to quickly and accurately record your CACFP data! 

Our CACFP Contract support includes guidance about submitting applications, renewals, and amendments to ensure information is accurate.

Our CACFP administrative review services will help you prepare for audits and site visits and work through corrective action plans.

Our monthly CACFP claims processing services will help you make certain your documents are accurate and complete. We will help you maximize your reimbursement and prevent you from losing a significant percentage to a CACFP sponsor. 

Are you ready to make the switch to CACFP self-sponsorship? 

For more than 20 years, we’ve guided countless organizations as they gained independence from program sponsors and received their own contracts with the CACFP food program. We are ready to help you! Schedule a meeting today!

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