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Understanding Your CACFP Review Findings

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CACFP Preliminary Findings 

  • It is important to have a clear understanding of your review findings in order to create a successful and acceptable response. 
  • There is usually an “exit conference” at the end of your review.  In this meeting, you should receive a list of “preliminary review findings”. 
    • So that you understand the reviewer’s findings, he or she should explain them to you. If you have questions, ask your reviewer for clarification. 
    • You should begin correcting any issues found at this point.
    • Once you receive your final findings, you will only have 20 days to submit your formal “Corrective Action Plan”.
    • Unapproved responses or responses not made within this timeframe can result in serious deficiency or disqualification/termination of your site. 

Findings without “Adverse Action”

In these cases, you owe no money back, or you owe less than $600. Even if you don’t owe any money, these can still be serious findings. 

Examples of such findings include:

  • Failure to maintain CACFP records as required
  • Failure to train staff according to program regulations
  • Miscellaneous findings not related to reimbursement

Findings with “Adverse Action”

In these cases, your finding results in you owing back more than $600. These are typically more serious findings.

Examples of this include:

  • Meal Disallowances
  • Unallowable Expenses
  • Missing or miscategorized income/enrollment forms
  • Overclaiming meals

Termination Notice

Your program may be terminated if the problems are severe enough. In this case, you won’t be able to participate in the CACFP for seven years.

What To Do After You Receive Your CACFP Review Findings

  • You have a twenty day window to get your corrective action plan approved after you receive your official findings.
  • This is why we recommend you have your response written up and ready to go.
  • If TDA disapproves of your findings, any corrections need to be made within this window. 
  • Running out of time before you make needed changes to your corrective action could result in serious deficiency or termination. 
  • Check out more tips regarding admin reviews here!

Receive Assistance Responding to CACFP Review Findings 

  1. It is critical that your “Corrective Action Plan” be thorough, practical, and approvable by TDA.
  2. The CACFP Solutions team can help you develop effective responses to your findings. In the process, we can also improve and simplify your food program operations.  
  3. With our proven strategies and solutions, you can reduce stress and time spent on the CACFP and save money.
  4. Call us today for a free consultation: 512-657-8036.

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