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Applying for the Program

We offer personalized guidance to help you successfully submit your initial application for your CACFP contract.

Contract Renewals

Throughout the renewal process, we help you prevent errors that could interrupt your CACFP benefits. 

Contract Amendments

Our team will provide you with CACFP contract assistance in ensuring your amendments are correct.

We Get It.

We’re one of you. We participated in the CACFP for over a decade. During that time, we experienced the same challenges with the program as you do. As a result, we developed solutions and tools to overcome these challenges.

Now, we are solely focused on assisting our clients in successfully participating in the Child and Adult Care Food Program.  Our clients benefit from our many years of food program experience. To make the program easy and stress free, we provide clients with a number of unique tools and custom solutions, including CACFP Contract Assistance. 

CACFP Contract Help

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