Developing An Effective CACFP Corrective Action Plan

Schedule Now Developing Effective Corrective Action Plans Has Your CACFP Program Been Reviewed Recently? After your Administrative/CACFP Review, there are usually findings of noncompliance with CACFP program regulations.  Most likely, you already know what some or all of those findings are.  The next step is urgent and important: to develop a CACFP corrective action plan […]

CACFP Program Review: What’s Next?

cacfp program review

Schedule Now CACFP Program Review: What’s Next? CACFP Program Review: What’s Next? CACFP Program Reviews can be time-consuming and stressful to undergo. Additionally, it’s hard to know where and how to begin to address the findings after your review.  Check out the info below for some tips and strategies to help you get moving in […]

CACFP Meal Disallowances Due to Milk Shortages?

A center has to document that they have purchased sufficient milk to cover the number of meals served. If they don’t have the proper documentation, then meals can be disallowed and centers will lose reimbursement. Having an effective system in place to track milk amounts, having a system in place for logging milk purchases, and stressing the importance of all required meals components to staff can ensure your childcare center maximizes their CACFP reimbursement.