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  • Authorized CE users will be selected by the CE and invited to the SaaS program (possibly including 3rd party applications) by CACFP Solutions staff. Depending on user permissions, the login will provide key program records, reports, and other tools. The user access levels include:
       o CE Owner
       o CE Manager
       o CE Staff
  • Digital Enrollment Portal for Parents
    Provides parents and guardians of CACFP participants “guest user access” to a paperless method of completing the participant’s enrollment registration online.



(a) Enrollment Management

  • Custom classroom names for enrollee assignments
  • Create “pending” enrollment records
  • Print enrollment forms for selected enrollee
  • View enrollment list
  • Filter enrollment lists to narrow searches
  • Export enrollment list to Excel
  • Print copy or produce PDF of list

(b) Daily Meal Production Records (DMPR)

  • Separate menu for child or adult vs. infant
  • Make meal substitutions on selected days
  • Review, update, & save DMPR details
  • Monitor DMPRs to confirm sufficient quantities are planned for food items
  • Confirm days with no meals (for closures)
  • Manage CN label | Product Analysis foods
       o Reminders for expiring product labels
  • Print copies or produce PDF
  • System calculates minimum food quantities

(c) Daily Meal Count / Attendance Records (DMCAR)

  • Record enrollee names per meal services on DMCAR. Search & update by classroom
  • Digitally certify weekly DMCAR pages
  • Identify recorded meals that were excluded from final calculations (due to ineligible enrollment)
  • Print copies or produce PDF

(d) Time Distribution Reports (TDR)

  • View list of employees by claim month
  • Digitally record & approve TDRs

(e) Dashboard

  • Enrollments: Key details summary
  • Menus: View pending records
  • Meal Counts: View pending records
  • Time Distribution Reports (TDR): View reports pending submission or approval.
  • Final Claim Results (for claim filing)
  • Current Claim Estimates
       o Monitor estimated claim details based on records entered to-date.

(f) Reports & Alerts

View report details below by claim month/year

  • View completed digital copies of DMPRs
       o Add leftover or recycled foods
       o Print copies or produce PDF
  • View completed digital copies of DMCARs
       o Print copies or produce PDF
       o View enrollment list
       o Export to Excel
  • Print copies or produce PDF
  • Search & view monthly “Claim Report” by date
       o F/R/P results
       o Total Enrolled
       o % F/R
       o Total Attendance
       o Days of Operation
       o Meals disallowed by meal service
       o Total meals claimed by meal service
       o Base (gross) reimbursement
       o Disbursed (net) reimbursement
       o Cash-in-Lieu
       o Food expenses
       o Non-Food expenses
       o Labor expenses
       o Admin expenses
       o +/- Expenses needed
       o Milk – total used per DMPRs
       o Milk – total est. purchased per receipts
       o Milk – analysis of surplus or shortage
  • Approve digitally submitted TDRs
       o Requires “supervisor” permissions
  • View digitally completed TDRs for claim month
  • Auto-text and auto-email alerts and reminders about important dates or required actions.

(g) Budgets

  • View budgets by Program Year
  • Budget vs. operational expense comparisons

(h) Operational Expense Analysis

  • Capture and upload digital receipt images for processing.
  • View processed operational expense records
  • Receipt records include:
       o Processing status
       o Purchase date
       o Vendor name
       o Estimated breakdown of food / non-food
       o Estimate of milk quantities
  • Budget and eligible TDR data auto-creates pending expense records.

(i) Primary Account Details*

  • View basic account details
  • View basic Plan + Billing details

(j) Site Visit Records*

  • View & update Site Visit records.*
  • View Site Visit (“Monitor Review”) schedule

(k) Training History*

  • Create training records for an account
       o Per Program Year
  • Add sub-records to track employee training
  • Custom workflows increase process efficiency

*Visible to CACFP staff. Listed features are on the SaaS product roadmap to make visible to eligible CE users.


  • Parent/guardian receives email and/or text invitation to register child(ren) electronically or update their prior enrollment
  • System will not accept an incomplete packet
  • System syncs enrollment data to other claim areas for accurate processing


3.1 Support

Customer may submit support tickets to report issues, ask help questions, or submit suggestions via the ticketing system made available to the Customer by CACFP Solutions, or by contacting their assigned Account representatives. A member of the CACFP Solutions team will respond within 24 hours in most cases and remain in contact until the issue is resolved.

3.2 Maintenance

From time to time, areas of the Platform may be temporarily unavailable for maintenance. When this occurs, notice will be provided to the Customer.

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Phone: 512-657-8036
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