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Why Choose CACFP Solutions for Texas CACFP Review Assistance?

Save Time

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Peace of Mind

Are You Facing Any of These CACFP Review Issues?

CACFP Solutions Program Review Services

CACFP Records

We ensure that all CACFP documents are complete, correct and are properly organized.

Preparing For On-Site Review

 We work with your staff to ensure your meal service operations are in compliance with TDA.

Review Findings Assessments

We help you understand your findings, as well as the severity and potential consequences of them.

After Review

We work with you to create Corrective Action Plans customized for your particular situation. 

The Corrective Action Plan

cacfp discussion

We evaluate your findings, determine severity, & prioritize corrections needed.

To permanently correct a finding, we must identify the “root cause”

Our team will create a new process or revise an existing one to correct your findings. 

The plan needs to be tested by your site and any shortcomings addressed. 

Once proven effective, the formal “Corrective Action Plan” is submitted to TDA.

Why Work With Us?

Streamline your CACFP program.


With over two decades of experience with the Texas  CACFP, we have a comprehensive understanding of program reviews. 


In addition, we have former Texas Department of Agriculture employees on our team, so we have insider knowledge of how the review process works. 


We’ve helped hundreds of sites through their review.  Many of the sites that work with us receive “no findings” during their review. 


We make admin review compliance simple and straightforward. Let us guide you through every aspect of your TDA program review. 

See What Others are Saying

"Before working with CACFP Solutions, I worked with a Sponsor. Their rules seemed to change constantly, which was one of the biggest problems for me. Even though I had all my paperwork in place, I still ended up with meals disallowed and it cost me thousands of dollars. I never could seem to get an explanation for why. The staff at CACFP Solutions go above and beyond to help me understand, in detail, how the food program works. Changing over to their services was the best decision I could have made."
Customer Testimonials
Teisha M.
Kreative4Kidz Daycare
"I was doing the food program on my own. But, it was way too time consuming, and I was overwhelmed. Since partnering with CACFP Solutions, a major load has been lifted off me. Before, I struggled with processing the monthly information and correctly filing claims. Now, CACFP Solutions helps me get it right! Now CACFP Solutions help me get it right with the press of a few buttons! Going paperless makes my job so easy! I can get done with a press of a few buttons. Going aperless makes my job so easy!"
Customer Testimonial
Sharon F.
Atascocita Childrens academy

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